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Monday, February 07, 2005

My parents are home

I never thought I would be so happy to have my parents home before.I noticed that I am not able to keep everything under control while they are gone.I also figured out that I feel very used by people who say they are my friends.hopefully the next time they go out of town I will be able to tell people to leave when they need to be gone.oh well its still great to have them back.


  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger kikkoBEAM said…

    when you are sad i am sad

    coincidentally when you are happy i am too

    so thanks for being happy you made my life easier. haha lol no but really im so glad that you feel better

    YAY For you

    give urself a hug cause i cant :(

  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger i love you said…

    hey hun...
    i wanna ask u bout something so if u see me on msg me...
    and im happy ur happy cuz when people as cool as u are happy the rest of the world will follow ;) (yes my answer WAS better than saras...OH BABY!) yeah so i hope ur havin a good time and i will tty soon
    LOVE U

  • At 1:09 PM, Blogger Button said…

    Random question which is cooler Cheerleading or Doing high school plays?

  • At 8:05 PM, Blogger kikkoBEAM said…

    cooler? why does it matter which is cooler? they both give you stuff.. like cheerleading makes you fit and u get to wear hot outfits, and plays.. make you... act?

    forget that

    haha ok tahts mean to all the AKTORS that read this but really just do what you like doing best not which is cooler

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger i love you said…

    humm...y dont u be the cheerleader IN the play...yesssssss! haha
    ok im tired...but i still love u!!

  • At 6:46 PM, Blogger kikkoBEAM said…


    ... GENIOUS

  • At 1:54 PM, Blogger Button said…

    I am beginning to think that drama doesn't want me and cheer wont take me...what do I do about this?I try to get out of here but it wont happen because there aren't any breaks coming up.I HATE THIS

  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger kikkoBEAM said…

    hahaha that reminds me of the movie preview for constantine "heaven wont take him, hell wants him.. earth needs him"

    earth needs you mette! ok totally off topic

    well are you sure? why wouldnt ANYONE want you. heck i WANT YOU BAD, (oh baby oh baby) lol... maybe you could try something new then? like.. CURLING what noble sport. oh no wait.. only canada has that one! i guess you'll have to come here then.

    too bad.

  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger The Tricky Taco said…

    Why hello there everyone,
    Hey mette sorry I have not posted any commments on your site. A site which is pretty dang sweet and pink. Keep it up!and I think you should do whatever you choose to do mette dont let anyone pressure you (I dont really know what you guys were talking about).

    Nice quote sara It was right on topic well at least I laughed so ya.

  • At 10:44 PM, Blogger shamae said…


    you know that practically everyone that reads this blog are "AKTORS", right? I bet like fourteen people are mortally offended. FOUR...TEEN!

    so...Acting is way cooler than cheerleading. YOU GET FIT? WHHHHAT? Just go to the effing gym and diet. Cheerleading means noooothing!

    Well. Although Cheerleaders are pretty hot, once they start cheering...they look...stupid. The only cheer leader who looks cool when they cheer is Cathy Miner and that's because she does it all...seductively yet she's so innocent. ??? shut up, it makes sense when you watch her. LOL.

    Anyway...what was that? what? oh yeah, BUTTON GOT PICKED TO BE IN TWO PLAYS! What? What does that mean? OH! She's wanted in Drama! ooooh. And just because Criman is a dick, doesn't mean you're not wanted. DAMN THE MAN. You just have to damn the man and right now...criman is the man. who needs to be damned.

    I was always afraid of him, and was always concerned of what he would think. Then I decided to damn the man and I nailed my one act auditions. annnnnd I got the lead in my play. wikky wowp.

    Just damn the man. Even if you want to do cheerleading (which would make me the man to damn). ...Damn the man. Do what you want. Do what you'd be best at.

    Which is swimming with dolphins...but that must wait. DAMN THE MANNNNN!

    This concludes my comment.

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger i love you said…

    u are wanted by everyone mette...dont even lie!! haha and ur going to cheat on me on valentines day arent you...ARENT YOU!! haha thats ok i give u permission...good luck in the plays or the cheering or..yeah whatever ur doing...LOVE U AND MISS U...

  • At 9:12 PM, Blogger kikkoBEAM said…

    alright i see your point.

    forget any negative thing i said about acting.

    i dont want to be chased by an angry mob of fourteen actors with pitckforks and big sticks with fire.


    so GO ACTING and yay for mette for getting in two plays
    u are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.. and u know what that spells??


    ok so it doesnt spell that but you are both of those things

    p.s. thanks for the tip shmoo

  • At 10:06 AM, Blogger i love you said…

    They want that sexy face on stage..yes they do!!

  • At 10:07 AM, Blogger i love you said…

    oh and happy valentines day hunni! feeeeeel the loooovvveeeeee!
    have an awesome time and make the best of this horrible singles day!

  • At 12:49 PM, Blogger kikkoBEAM said…

    ur so mushy foolio whats wrong with you

    jenn says: nothing! cause mette is a HOT MAMA


    *shifty eyes*

    hehe mette i hope you had an alright valentines day cause im not going to expect it was a fabulous one... UNLESS you met some hot dude thats nice and cool and loves you to bits.

    that would be a good day.

    but you are hot so i bet anyone else who saw you had a great day... hahaha

    well i miss you tons and tons and tons andi have ot go to work now but ill ttyl


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